When in Sagada – Day 3

At an early call time, we prepared. We rode a jeepney (top load again) to Kiltepan peak at around 4am. You will feel the cold breeze of Sagada.

Our tour guide said it’s a 50-50 chance to see the sea of clouds. But we still hope for it. Not to close but we saw a glimpse of it. It was too foggy and rainy on times.


We headed our way to Baguio at around 8am.

Stop over at the highest point. Pictures again.


We traveled for about 5 hours to Baguio. We stop at Town Fiesta Restuarant and Bakeshop. TFRB offers food of great taste and value! I ordered sweet and sour pork at 75pesos only. It was a man’s meal but the taste is so great! I would recommend tourists to try this one.


After lunch we went to Strawberry Farm Market where we tried the strawberry flavored ice cream and strawberry taho. After souvenir and pasalubong hunting we headed back to the real world. Manila.


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