When in Sagada – Day 2

Day 2

Time for spelunking. Call time was around 8am. We walk at Lumiang Burial Cave. We did not enter the cave since we availed Normal Caving only. But for those who wants thrill and adventure you can try to Caving Connection from Lumiang to Sumaguing. Locals said it would take 6-7 hours depending on your team and picture takings.

We traveled to Sumaguing Cave and we are advised to lessen our load. I only bought a waterproof case for my phone.

Luckily we have Sir William as our local tour guide. He explained everything around the cave and story behind the rock formation. The do’s and don’ts . The cave has three parts. The first part is a rocky one. Beware of bat blessings from above. Haha.

Group of bikers also took the courage to do spelunking.


Carefully going down on the second level, Here we are not allowed to wear our slippers.

Rock formation.


We then stop on the entrance of the third level. We were asked if we will continue or not. On a high note and with a very courageous team we decided to enter the third level. We entered a very small entrance. Do our spiderman acts. Walking on a shoulder water level. Haha! Indeed it was a good experience!

The adventure on how we enter never lasted. Up until our exit.

By 1pm we had our lunch near our inn.

By the afternoon we travelled to Sagada Weaving and Sagada Pottery.

On our free time we headed on the famous Gaia Café. It is the place where JM de Guzman and Angelica Panganiban shoot for The Thing Called Tadhana.


Gaia Café offers vegetarian food. We tried Mik Mi Na, a dish wherein the noddle is made of squash. Its ingredients were freshly picked from their garden. We also tried their yummy peanut coffee and rice coffee. Gaia also have displays for sale.

Wood carving at Gaia Café.


Exploring Sagada, we went to a restaurant with a Pinikpikan recipe. Pinikpikan is one of the Cordillera native recipe. It is prepared by beating the chicken until it bleeds and die. The dish as usual is expensive –  at 150 pesos.






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