When in Sagada – Day 1

We started our travel from Quezon City at 9:30pm. Our tour was headed by Kuya Rhon, a tour guide provided by Parana Tours. (Thanks to Parana Tours for accommodating us through the trip!)

It was a ten hour drive from Manila then. Stop overs was necessary due to the long drive. Roads were covered by fog – no visibility status. Some cars heading towards Sagada where left out due to mechanical interruption.


We reached Banaue boundary at around 6:30 am in the morning. We were allowed to take pictures on a very short time to follow our itinerary.



Along the way you will feel the cold breeze. But the area was not so clear to due fog.

We headed towards the Poblacion in Ifugao for our breakfast. Our tour made a reservation in Halfway Lodge and Restaurant.

From the window of the resto, you will see the beautiful mountains of the north. Houses were built on the slopes of the mountain. Terraces are also formed as a significance of agriculture, the industry in the area.



After breakfast we headed our way to Sagada to check in.

On one of stops in Banaue…

We traveled on the mountains of Banaue. On small roads with clips of terraces.


After 5 hours we reached Sagada, we ate again and checked in.

Our itinerary changed from spelunking to visiting Bomod-Ok Falls. Even with the tiredness and sleepless travel, the group was then very motivated and enthusiastic. We headed to the parking lot. Our tour guide paid for our environmental fees and introduced us to our guide to the Falls.

We walk into the terraces for around 2kms. There you can see the majestic terraces made by the natives around. Unlike in Banaue terraces in Sagada where bordered by stones. Mining was also evident resulting into yellowish color of the ground.

Reaching Bomod-ok falls was a great and serene one.

Getting back to the base we rode (TOP LOAD) on a jeepney. Some of us even shouted to cover up  fears from the cliff. We traveled on the edge of the cliff.


Getting back to the poblacion we headed our way to the Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins of Sagada. We were assisted by a local tour guide. The local tour guide explained their tradition regarding burning of charcoal.

Reaching the topic only few coffins were hanged up on the valley. The cross on the coffins signifies that the deceased was baptized in Christianity. Names painted on the coffin is there Igorot name. Also bodies were put in a fetal position that signifies on where they began that is why coffins are small.

By around 6pm we had our dinner at Sagada Lemon Pie House. I suggest when you get to Sagada you have to save for your pocket money. Food is expensive. It ranges from 150php-250php for a common meal.



After eating we tried to indulged ourselves on coffee tripping. We tried coffee from Sagada Brew.


Best of Sagada Brew with love. 🙂



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