Love is an extraordinary feeling. We begin to be inspired, motivated and determined to work as we feel loved. We get a happy aura that extends to our unmeasurable smile. We extend our positive attitude towards others. We get emotionally attached to that person that we live with a habit of having him/her as a better half.

But beware of love. It may harm you. It may divert your attention into something not worth giving. Into something not good. Focusing on love towards other person and revolving the world between you two. As the songs goes, “There is a danger in loving somebody too much.” Maybe you are out of love and you are falling out of love.


Things that we should be mindful:

  1. Know what unconditional love is. Know who has given us an unconditional love. Know the sacrifice of Christ. That He died for all our sins. His flesh and blood saved us from all sickness and disease. From poverty. From all our iniquities. From all our pains, worries and fears. From all our self-shames.

And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 (ESV)

  1. Focus on God as the center of everything. Relationships should have a focus and that should be God. All are directed to God. All are pursued by God. Everything by His will and accordance to His words. Without God, relationships will not last or work.

A Godly relationship should build the one you have with Jesus. Not replace it. -Janelle Fehrman

  1. A God centered relationship is worth the wait. It is in God that we love. It is in God we should turn our priority. And He will direct us to the path of a right love to live forever.

If you’re driven by your feelings ONLY to progress it is not the right love. It should be a God centered driven love.

As Adam Cappa quoted, “Choose to be with someone who brings out your truest identity in Christ.”


Other mindful reminders:

  • A real man doesn’t put his woman first. A real man puts God first because he knows that he has to follow God in order to lead his lady. –Adam Cappa

  • She doesn’t belong to me. She belongs to God. I am a simple caretaker of her heart on God’s behalf. –Anonymous

  • A right relationship won’t distract you from God. It will bring you closer to Him. –

  • Ladies, a man without God is a man you can live without. –Jarrid Wilson



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